Sex Can Help Prevent and Cure Cancer

According to a recent study conducted by the Cancer Society of Nadec University, Finland, researchers have found out an incredible progress for patients who engaged in recreational sex compared to those who do not. Among the 10 diagnosed cancer patients, 8 of them were found an unbelievable decline of cancer cells in their body on the first year. 5 were found completely cured after two years. 2 of them were completely cured after 6 years.
It’s important to note that the bodily response of the patient varies. 5 of them were engaged in monogamous relationship, having only one sexual partner at a time. The other 5 were engaged in recreational sex, having sexual partner of their own preference.
The patients were told to stop chemotherapy treatments, and only dose off Anti-cancer tablet who were also developed in the same University. The effectiveness of this medicine as correlated to sexual activity has yet to be found. Further studies is still in the process to conclude any clinical hypothesis.
Patients were asked to have a 20-30 minutes exposure to sunlight, completely naked. They also undergone a very strict diet of fruits, fresh juices, and foods high in fiber. They were told to stop any activity which they feel would stress them. It includes watching television shows with high drama profiles. They also told to lie low in their personal and family problems. They were told to focus on the ‘Happy Thoughts’. That’s where the sex came in. Sex causes increased production of oxytocin, which is often referred to as the “love hormone”. Before orgasm, oxytocin, released from the brain, surges up to five times the normal level. This increase then leads to the release of endorphins, our natural pain-killing hormones. The number of sexual encounters actually does not matter. As long as you feel like doing it, then you can have as many as you can.
It is important to know that great sexual partners is correlated to the increased of oxytocin or the libido level in the body. Those patients who were found having sexual encounter of lover of their choice tends to improve more in the study. It correlates to the look, the body structure, the erotic capability of the sexual partner.
If the studies were found true, this could help a family who suffered the same ailment. Experts around the world conducted studies over and over again to find cure to this cancer. Who would have thought that the thing they were looking for so long can be found in just the premise of your own bedroom?